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Melbourne Institute of Technology Library Homepage: Copyright for staff

The home base for MIT's Libraries in Melbourne and Sydney.


Under copyright agreements, the University may make available a reasonable portion of a work ONLY if another portion has not been made available elsewhere on campus at the same time.


Can I add an article to my Moodle site?

Yes, as long as it hasn't already been added to any other unit on Moodle. Best practice is to link to the article via one of the Library databases, or provide citation details for students to access it themselves.

Can I add a YouTube video to my Moodle shell?

Students may be given the direct link to YouTube videos, however copies cannot be made without permission. YouTube should be linked to only with caution, as the original may be infringing copyright. Check carefully!

Can I make this a clip available online?

Commercial films may not be copied or put online (unless a licensed agreement permits).

Using Creative Works in Teaching

For teaching your students, you may copy:

  • One chapter of a book, or 10% of the pages (10% of the words if the work is in electronic form)
  • One article from a journal or newspaper (more if the articles are for the same assignment, or are on the same subject matter in a special edition)
  • 15 pages from an anthology (for example: a collection of short stories)
  • All of an artistic work, for example: a diagram or photo (when not available for separate purchase)
  • 10% of a sheet music piece or play

You may:

  • Make multiple photocopies
  • Create a course pack
  • Have the material available online through e-Reserve (see below)


Can I use material which is freely available on the Internet?

Just because material on the internet is freely available, doesn't mean that you may simply copy it. The usual limits will apply.  You can also check for any copyright statement on the web site about using material. Creative Commons material may allow more generous limits.

Material found on the Internet should be referenced as usual.

Can I show a film clip or video?

Under the Copyright Act 1968 (Cth), permission is generally not required from copyright owners to screen a film or video in class, provided:

  • the screening is part of a course offered by the University and not for entertainment;
  • all the people in the audience are part of the course; and
  • the course is 'not-for-profit'.

In some cases, the terms and conditions applying to the purchase or hire of films or videos may mean you would be breaching a contractual licence by screening the film or video in class, even though you are not infringing copyright. For example, videos and DVDs that have been hired from video rental shops using a private borrowing card must not be used other than for private home viewing.

YouTube videos should be used with caution as they may be infringing copyright.


Academics have a personal responsibility to ensure that their course is compliant with Copyright, including courses which they have 'taken over' from another academic.

Reading Lists

Copyright limitations each calendar year

Books: One chapter or 10% (whichever is greater) of an edition.

Journals: One article from each issue, or more than one if it is for the same research topic.

If someone has already used a portion of this document on campus this year, Library staff may be able to:

  • Order more copies of the book for the Short Loan collection
  • Scan the chapter from a different edition (if available)
  • Scan an alternate reading of your choice
  • Contact the publisher of out-of-print books and get written permission to reproduce more of the document (requires some lead time).
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