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Melbourne Institute of Technology Library Homepage: Textbooks

The home base for MIT's Libraries in Melbourne and Sydney.

All about textbooks

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Yes. Aside from attending your lectures, your subject's prescribed textbook is one of the most important resources you need to succeed in your studies. These texts have been carefully chosen by your lecturers and subject coordinators to give you the best possible information for your course.

You are expected to purchase a copy of each of your prescribed books.

The MIT Library buys one copy of a prescribed text for every 10 students in a class. That means for a class of 50 students, the Library will buy 5 books. These books are a shared resource - they are not your own copies for the study period.

Unfortunately, yes they are. But so are:

  • travelling to campus to attend classes
  • renting a room
  • buying groceries each week
  • failing your subject and repeating it

Having your textbooks will help you pass your subjects, and will ultimately save you time and money.

So my textbooks are an investment in my education?

Exactly right. Owning and reading your textbooks = success at MIT.

Look at the boxes below to find out where to buy textbooks in Melbourne and Sydney.


Where to buy textbooks

booktopia logo

Booktopia is currently the best place to purchase print copies of textbooks.

Ebooks can also be purchased on Booktopia, VitalSource or on individual publishers' websites.

Vital source logo

VitalSource is a leading supplier of electronic textbooks from a range of publishers and disciplines. They offer purchase and rental options which are often much cheaper than purchasing print versions.

Library owned ebooks

MIT Library has access to electronic copies for a number of prescribed textbooks, and the list is growing all the time.

  • Some prescribed ebooks can be found on O'Reilly
  • The BB101 text can be found here


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