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Teaching resources

Prescibed texts at MIT Library

Locating currently held textbooks

Use the search box below to see what the library currently holds 

Course Reserve listing

 Course ReservesCourse Reserves allows users to search for courses and view holdings that are prescribed or recommended readings that are available in the MIT Library colledtion. Search for courses by name, subject code or department. 

Please contact the library if you would like to add other items available in the library collection to the current course reserve.


Updating textbook listings

It is recommended that prescibed resources be no more than four years old, and preferably published within the last 12 months.

Teaching resources

Print books held by MIT library

Library policy states that for each prescribed print book, each Library will purchase one copy as a Teacher Reference. Teacher Reference books are kept behind the Library desk, and can be borrowed by the Unit Coordinator for the length of the Trimester. Teacher Reference books that are not collected by week five may temporarily be assigned into the Main Collection and made available to students.



MIT Library's primary ebook provider is O'Reilly, which contains thousands of ebooks across a range of subjects and disciplines, on a virtually unlimited access subscription. Where possible, MIT prefers staff to prescribe O'Reilly ebooks over print, as this ensures equitable access to prescibed resources for all.

The Library can also purchase or subscribe to stand-alone ebooks via one of our other vendors, such as Gobi (formerly YBP), CambridgeCore, or EBSCO.

O'Reilly Playlists

O'Reilly has a "playlist" feature that allows users to combine various O'Reilly content (ebooks, audio books, videos) into curated lists that can be shared with other O'Reilly users. O'Reilly Playlists have been used by MIT to create custom reading lists that replace prescibed texts.


Purchase requests

The Library can submit requests for print or electronic books purchases that are related to one of the units or teaching areas at MIT.

Please email the Library with the details of your request. Please include your name and at least one method of contacting you. Note that the requested purchases are submitted for approval.


Copyright Agency Flex

Textbooks & Readings

Flex is a platform to manage readings and other course material. Flex is integrated into Moodle, and each unit has its own Readings tool in the Moodle shell. Flex can link to any open content on the internet, and can be used to host scanned copies of chapters or articles, in line with Australian Copyright Law. For more information about Flex and how to use it, please visit the Flex for Educators guide.

Accessing Instructor Resources

Many large academic publishers provide free instructor resources (graphics, slides, question banks, etc.) for Unit Coordinators who prescibe their books. These resources are provided to each Unit Coordinator individiually, as long as certain conditions can be met. These conditions vary from publisher to publisher, so please check the publisher websites or with the sales representatives; a short list of popular publishers is below.

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