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Google Research Tools

This guide shows a variety of free access, Google produced advanced tools to assist with research


Google Display

Google display Ank Kumar - (cc) creative commons -

This LibGuide provides information about the many advanced Google research tools Google provides that can be helpful to students, staff and researchers at the Melbourne Institute of Technology.

All these Google research tools are freely accessible, provided by Google, via the various links provided within this guide.

Please note: it is Google's prerogative to decommission or change their freely provided Google research software and tools, and they do this on occasion. If you find this LibGuide is outdated and needs changes, please advise us at

Other sources
If you would like help on Google Scholar specifically, please see our Advanced Google Scholar libguide.
If you would like help with Generative AI (Gen AI) please see our Generative Artificial Intelligence (GEN AI) LibGuide



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