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Using Generative Artificial Intelligence (Using Gen AI) at MIT

This guide aims to provide guidance for students about using gen AI as part of their studies, as well as general information on Generative AI applications for students and staff, including providing options for various functions.

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An image, generated in Google's Image FX using the prompt "A robot with an AI mind, standing in front of the Argus Building in Melbourne in 1955, photorealistic" 

This guide has two purposes:

  • Firstly to provide assistance and guidance to our MIT students on using Gen AI in their studies
  • Secondly to provide general information about the concept of using Gen AI, its use, and to provide information about the various applications as options. 

What is Generative Artificial Intelligence?

Gen AI applications are a type of artificial intelligence that utilise Gen AI ;various processes including deep learning models, complex algorithms and neural networks, by accessing large training datasets to produce their own original content. They can be classed as machine learning technology. Students may use Gen AI applications to generate new content including text, sound, images, or video. They do this by analyzing patterns in existing data and then creating output, sometimes shaped by prompts and input from the user.

The term Gen AI refers to computational techniques that are capable of generating seemingly new, meaningful content such as text, images, or audio from training data. 


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